New release into beta – ‘status and disruptions’ coming soon



Some might say it’s been a little quiet since the beta site launched back at the end of June, however we’ve been hard at work going through your feedback and building the remaining features of the site.

In the next few weeks you will see the next major release which features status and disruptions across all modes of transport.

So what’s new about this? Well on most modes we’re presenting similar stuff to that which is on the existing site (although in a much better way, seamless across devices with our great responsive design), but the really new tool is for roads status.


For a number of years now we’ve shown point disruption data and future planned events on a map on the site.

For the new site this has been completely reworked, and coupled with a new data feed (available to our developer friends of course) which not only marks the point of a disruption, but also shows the areas affected.


We’ve added a service board for all the main road corridors so you can see at a glance how they are doing, and we’ve created a whole new set of iconography to clearly show events and disruptions.


You can still get to the many other information layers and it’s great on mobile, tablet and desktop.

So there will be something great for the driver now, as well as for those using public transport.

We hope you will really like these new features and will keep giving us your feedback, either through filling in the form on the site, or by commenting on this blog.

Published by

Phil Young

Phil is Head of Online at Transport for London, leading the team responsible for, Open Data, social media and intranets.

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