Reported issues on O2

8pm update – 13 June 2014

O2 have carried out a network update which should resolve this issue. To activate the update you may need to turn ‘flight mode’ on and off before refreshing the TfL website. After that it should work fine.

Please let us know if you still have any problems with this.


Reported Issues with O2

We’re seeing some issues when customers try to access our site over the O2 mobile network. If you are with another provider which uses the O2 mobile network you may have this problem too – for example on Tesco Mobile, Giffgaff and Lycamobile.

What’s the problem?

For some users the site does not load properly and key features cannot be used. You can tell if you are affected because the ‘menu’ button at the top of the page does not load and the ‘Plan a journey’ box will not open up when you touch it.

TfL website with O2 loading problem
TfL website with O2 loading problem – note there’s no menu button at the top right

What should I do?

If you are being affected by this then using the link will resolve it for now (the key bit being the ‘https’ part which switches to a secure connection).

When will it be fixed?

We are working with O2 to understand what is happening and to get it resolved as quickly as possible, whether that’s by making changes on our side or at the mobile network end of things.

Wifi usage is unaffected – the problem is only occurring when using a mobile connection.

If you are affected please let us know, we’re assessing how widespread the problem is.

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Phil Young

Phil is Head of Online at Transport for London, leading the team responsible for, Open Data, social media and intranets.

19 thoughts on “Reported issues on O2”

  1. We’ve had similar problems in the past with javascript being unexpectedly being modified by mobile operators. Usually the best way to stop this happening (other than using TLS) is to include a “no-transform” directive in your Cache-control headers.


    1. Hi Joanna, we don’t do apps ourselves, but we provide all the data openly and freely to the many developers who do. There are around 200 London Transport related apps which are powered by our data. As we treat all the developers equally we would not recommend one over another but you’ll find plenty of them in the various app stores. I did a couple of blog posts about our approach to this at and


      1. Great, thanks for your reply Phil. I have tried a couple of apps which weren’t great which is why I wondered if there was an official one I could try. Thank you for the links; I’ll take a look.


  2. I got EE (T Mobile), years ago changed provider from O2, keeping the number. I’ve just done what was sugested but still got a problem: don’t have “menu” button and “plan a journey” doesn’t work.


      1. Hi Phil
        I got iPhone4, EE (T mobile).
        Suggested link doesnt work.
        Cookies cleaned.
        Still no “menu” button and “plan a journey” doesnt work.


  3. Yes, I have this problem — in fact I posted it on the giffgaff forum a couple of weeks ago
    I had subsequently confirmed on two different phones that its an O2-specific problem. The same phones work fine on wifi and Three.
    Today the phone with the giffgaff sim seems to be working properly, so it looks like the network update a few days ago has fixed the problem. But I’ll bear in mind the https workround in case I see anything similar.


    1. Well…tried everything.
      Doesnt work!
      Very annoying as OLD tfl web worked perfect.

      I am EE (T mobile) now, before Three, but the original number was O2. I have keeping the same number for 10 year.



      1. Hi Yvonne, I’ve tried to replicate the problems you are having on an iPhone 4 on EE running iOS 7.1.1. The test device appears to be running the site fine. Let’s check a few things;
        1. You are using the URL
        2. You have cleared cookies and cached web pages
        3. You have tried over wifi and over the mobile network and on both there is a problem

        If all those are the case, can you email me a screenshot of issue you are having? If you send it to for the attention of Phil Young it will get to me.


  4. It started working the other day for me. Glad to see is sorted. Glad I said something rather than suffering in silence 😛


  5. What we need is a ‘now’ attribute for the journey planner, rather than only being able have the desired 15minute demarcated date and time, in the GET method request.

    Because when I hit the shortcut on my homescreen I want the best journey Now, not the journeys when I saved the shortcut.

    Surely the database can interpret ‘now’ and return the current time….


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