London has one of the most accessible transport networks in the world, but whilst we have made progress on accessibility, we recognise there is an enormous amount of work still to do.

It’s important that wheelchair users know if a station is step-free, and if it is, whether the lifts are working that day.

One area where we are determined to do more is in the information provided through smart phone apps, which many regular followers of this blog have developed.

Older and disabled people rely on having as much information as possible about their journeys, whether planning before or during their journey, to give them the confidence that they can use the transport network.

For some, the fear of not knowing means they do not travel at all. For example, it is important wheelchair users know if a station is step-free, and if it is, whether the lifts are working that day.

Blind and visually impaired people face a daily struggle of not only finding their bus stop, but then knowing when their bus has arrived.

The number of older and disabled people is growing, both in percentage and real terms. The demand for more detailed accessible travel information is also growing. This means we need to do more to provide effective information in the formats our customers want.

Increasingly, there’s an expectation that apps and digital solutions will help with this. Let’s work together on developing the right data sets, and in turn, create new products and service for our customers.

Developers are invited to continue the conversation on our forum.

Posted by Rikesh Shah

Rikesh Shah is the Head of Commercial Innovation at Transport for London

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  1. […] great to see new product features being developed, and a key area of focus is accessibility (see this previous blog) – we encourage you to develop new features for your product using our data.   […]



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