TfL TravelBot: Designing the conversation

As you may already know if you’re following this blog, we recently released the TfL TravelBot on Facebook Messenger. If you haven’t read them yet, Steven and Charul’s posts will give you a bit of background.
Check out TravelBot here or search for TfL TravelBot in the messenger application. In this post I will explore the reasons for introducing a conversational bot and our learnings around the design of conversation.

Diverse backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles mean that we all use different words to talk about things. This can become frustrating when you’re trying to find something on a website.

In our team, we try to label things in a way that most users will understand, but are well aware of the fact that we will never be able to cater for everyone. This means that some users have to change the way they think to match what they are looking for.

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Our Lives in Data – Science Museum Late Review

As mentioned previously on this blog, we were delighted to be involved in the ‘Late’ at the Science Museum on Wednesday August 31 as part of the ‘Our Lives in Data’ exhibition. It was great to see hundreds of people coming along to enjoy the TfL display, as we demonstrated some of the practical benefits of using our data resources to improve our customers’ experiences.  

Science Museum Lates
The TfL display at the Science Museum Late showcased some innovative uses of our data and demonstrated how this can benefit our customers.

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Science Museum Lates: Our Lives in Data

Transport for London are delighted to be taking part in this month’s Science Museum Late on Wednesday 31 August. The theme of the evening is ‘Our Lives in Data’ and we’ll be offering a glimpse into the world of our data.

Our Lives in Data
Gallery view of Our Lives in Data – an exhibition exploring how big data is uncovering some of the diverse ways our data is being collected, analysed and used. This is also the theme of the ‘Late’ on August 31. Pic credit: Science Museum, London

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Design Students Complete a 5-day Sprint

Collaboration is a huge part of what we do at TfL. So it was great to spend last week working with 6 young designers, talking them through our approach to experience design and working on prototype ideas for the Cycle Hire scheme. Members of our Experience Design Team led the 5-day sprint at the London Transport Museum, where the event was part of the Designology studio programme.

Tabletop Walkthrough Map
We produced a range of materials – such as this Tabletop Walkthrough Map – to help students to get into the mindset of people using the Cycle Hire scheme

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Design Students – Join us for a 5-day Sprint

TfL’s Experience Design team is inviting 6 enthusiastic design students to take part in a 5-day design sprint in collaboration with the TfL Cycle Hire team. The goal is to offer hands-on experience of the mindset and tools of the human-centred design that the TfL Experience Design team use in their everyday work.  

5 Day Design Sprint
Join us for a 5-day design sprint, from interpreting the design challenge to testing ideas on the public and presenting your findings to the TfL Experience Design team

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Save your favourites on our website

When you visit our website, you’ll notice a star in the top right corner of the screen. Just click on it to enter a new space for your favourites on the website.

Find a bus stop, add it to your favourites, select bus routes, get live arrivals
Save bus stop in the 4 steps shown here: 1) Find a bus stop  2) Add it to your favourites  3) Select bus routes  4) Get live arrivals

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Journey Planner – Getting to Sports Grounds

With six Premier League football grounds and seven Football League sides in London, not to mention the likes of the Olympic Stadium, Wembley, Twickenham and Lord’s, it’s little surprise that one of the first innovations on Journey Planner was to add the different entrances to sports venues as points of interest.

This originated with the opening of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in 2006, but has evolved to include all other sports grounds in the London area, and was a vital contribution to the effective Travel Demand Management (TDM) approach used during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Emirates Stadium
Adding different entrances to sports grounds into Journey Planner started with The Emirates Stadium in 2006.

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