Unified API: New data – Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging Points

Zero emission capable (ZEC) vehicles have environmental and financial benefits, and are vital to London becoming a zero carbon city by 2050. We are working with partners to develop a network to help you charge them quickly and efficiently.

Rapid charge points can charge an electric vehicle battery in 20-30 minutes. This is quicker than regular charge points that can take 7-8 hours for a full charge.

The majority of these charge points allow for pay as you go payment using a credit or debit card – you don’t need to be a member.

They allow high mileage users, such as electric taxi and private hire drivers and freight and fleet operators, to quickly charge their vehicle. We have committed to install 150 rapid charging points by the end of 2018 and have at least 300 by 2020.

Electric Vehicle Rapid Charge Point (ECP) data is supplied to us from a number of concessionaires who install and manage charge stations across the UK and Europe. These concessionaires include British Gas, Charge Master, FastNed, Bluepoint and ESB, although at present not all of them have facilities in the Greater London area.

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TfL Joins the Waze Connected Citizens Programme

Waze, the free, real-time crowdsourced traffic and navigation app has announced Transport for London as its 100th global partner. The Waze Connected Citizens Programme is designed as a free data exchange, and it’s great to see Waze – used by several hundred thousand drivers in London – using TfL’s roads open data to provide its app users about traffic information on TfL’s Road Network. In the coming weeks, it will also be interesting to see how TfL will be able to use the data shared by Waze.

TfL has joined the Connected Citizens Programme and becomes the 100th global partner of Waze, the social navigation pioneer.

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Data City | Data Nation Challenge – Update

Chirdeep Chhabra from Digital Catapult gives an update on the Transport and Mobility Challenge, including an extended deadline for those taking part. 

Rikesh Shah
Rikesh Shah, Lead Relationship Manager at TfL, helps launch the Transport and Mobility challenge in April

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London Data City | Data Nation Challenge – Extra Info

As previously posted on this blog, London Data City | Data Nation was launched on 12 April, with a series of 6 month-long challenges being undertaken by teams in London and Singapore.

The first in the series of challenges is the Transport and Mobility challenge, which is now underway and runs until Monday 16 May.

At the launch event for the challenge Rikesh Shah, Lead Digital Relationship Manager at TfL, introduced our open data policy and set the scene for the challenge. Following up on the launch event, Rikesh has a message for the participants with some handy extra info:

Dear all,

I hope you’re all enjoying the challenge.

At the launch of the Data Nation challenge I promised that I would provide more information about TfL, with a particular focus on customer insight. So, I am delighted to provide a link to some useful information.

In particular, have a look at Chapter 7 which focuses on Customer Experience.

Good luck!

All the best,

Rikesh Shah,
Transport for London

Data City | Data Nation Launch – The Challenge is Underway

The London Data City | Data Nation challenge was launched on the morning of Tuesday 12 April at an event hosted by Digital Catapult. The launch event outlined the context and details of the 6 month-long challenge being undertaken by teams in London and Singapore, starting with the Transport and Mobility challenge that runs until Monday 16 May.

In partnership with TfL, the Greater London Authority and Ford, Digital Catapult are setting challenges based around 2 key questions:

Public Transport Challenge

How can we accurately identify, filter and characterise transportation delay events across large-scale, dynamic, multi-modal transportation systems?

Enabling users to make seamless progress towards their destination. People need help to very quickly identify breaks in the system and need greater help for decision making in case the system breaks and when to abandon their plans for a better option. Participants need to choose data sources (from sandbox or beyond) to achieve the end goal.

Road Network Challenge

How can we enhance customer service and experience across London’s road network?

Through Data City | Data Nation we intend to deliver new technology solutions that help understand and predict events on London’s road network and go about enhancing the overall customer experience whilst travelling that network. TfL will provide SCOOT traffic data (described in more detail here) to participants of the challenge that is not yet publicly available.

We’ll update this blog as key milestones in the challenge are met, and will of course announce the winners in May. Good luck to all taking part!

Setting the scene for the challenge

There were many expert speakers setting the context and details of the challenge, and their presentations are summarised below.

Rikesh Shah
Rikesh Shah, Lead Relationship Manager at TfL, introduced our open data policy and what data would be released for the challenge

Introduction – Chirdeep Chhabra, Digital Catapult

  • Digital Catapult’s 4 main areas of focus: Sharing of data between organisations, personal data, content and licensed data and data generated across the Internet of Things
  • Data City | Data Nation overview: Brings together London and Singapore and private sector closed data in a sandbox for innovation, 6 months duration for the whole challenge. Transport and Mobility starts today
  • Aim is to produce new insight into public services and private products
  • Email dcdn@digitalcatapult.org.uk for more info

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